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Peices of Heart

1. Death Mountain Crater - In a niche in the climbable wall.
2. Death Mountain Crater - Atop left ash cone.(Need magic bean leaf)
3. Death Mountan Trail - Above entrance to Dodongo's Cavern(need magic beanleaf)
4. Desert Colossus - on top of arch before temple(need magic bean leaf)
5. Gerudo Valley - in a niche behind waterfall
6. Gerudo Valley - In a crate on the ledges over the river.(need chicken orlongshot)
7. Gerudo Fortress - Prize in the horseback archery contest
8. Gerudo Fortress - In a chest on the highest rough of the theive's hideout(need longshot)
9. Goron city - Light all torches at bottom level to make vase spin, then throw bombs in it.(must be child)
10. Graveyard - Beat Dampe's ghost in a minute or less
11. Graveyard - Prize in the heart pounding grave-digging tour.(must be child)
12. Graveyard - In crate on shelf above the magic bean leaf.
13. Graveyard - Play sun's song in the unmarked grave with the single redead.
14. Hyrule Market - prize in the bombchu game
15. Hyrule market - find pooch lady's dog roaming around market at night
16. Hyrule Market - Prize in treasure chest game.(use lens of truth)
17. Hyrule field - open hole between four fences in front of lake hylia and buy from a scrub for 10 Rupees
18. Hyrule field - bomb the base of a tree on the side of Lon Lon Ranch
19. Ice Cavern - frozen in red ice
20. Kakariko - collect 50 skulltulas
21. Kakariko - In cow's stall inside Impa's house
22. Kakariko - on ledge inside the windmill(race Dampe)
23. Kakariko - Talk to guy on top of house.
24. Lake Hylia - Reward from scientist when you dive to the bottom of the little pond(need gold scale)
25. Lake Hylia - Reward for catching ten-pounder in fishing pond
26. Lake Hylia - On balcony on top the Laboratory(need magic bean leaf)
27. Lon Lon Ranch - Move boxes in the storage shed to reveal secret passage
28. Lost Woods - Play Saria's song to single skull kid(turn left when you enter lost woods)
29. Lost Woods - prize in the jam session with the two skull kids
30. Zora's Domain - Light all torches and look behind waterfall(child)
31. Zora's Fountain - On a lone ice berg
32. Zora's Fountain - On bottom of lake
33. Zora's River - Win the bug Catching game with the frogs
34. Zora's River - On a lofty platform in the central section of the river.
35. Zora's River - Use chicken to float to this platform near the waterfall
36. Zora's River - Play Song of Storms to frog Chorus