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Deku Sticks(Child Link)

The deku stick works like a sword, but is much weaker. They break very easily. Deku sticks can also work as torches. Find them after defeating enemies or purchase them in stores.

How to get it:

Find them anywhere

Fairy Slingshot(Child Link)

USe the Slingshot to shoot enemies or ovjects that are far away. Hold the C button and Link's ands zooms in. Aim with the Control Stick and release the C button to shoot. if you use Z targeting before shotting, your accuracy will increase greatly. If you jsut hold the C button, you can aim the slingshot without shooting it. Collect Deku Seeds to refill you ammunition.

How to get it:

Special Item in the Deku Tree Stage

Get a bigger Deku seed bag by getting 3 bullseyes on the tree with the target hanging on it and winning the archery game.

Boomerang(Child Link)

If you throw it, it comes back! The boomerang can sun or defeat enemies. Use Z targeting to improve your accuracy. Some enemies can only be defeated with the boomerang.

How to get it:

Special Item in Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Deku Nut

Throw a Deku Nut of the ground and a bright light flashes, temporarily stunning enemies (the deku nut cannot stun all enemies). Deku Nuts can be found practially everywhere.

How to get it:

Find them anywhere

Ocarina of Time

Play the Ocarina at ceartain times and special things may happen. With the ocarina, you can also warp to other places.

How to get it:

Get all 3 Spiritual stones and goto Hyrule Castle

Fairy Ocarina

This has the same effect as the Ocarina of Time, but disappears once you receive it.

How to get it:

Run out of Kokiri Village after you beat the Deku Tree Stage

Lens of Truth

See which walls are real and which are fake with the Lens of Truth. Using this item consumes magic.

How to get it:

Use the Song of Storms inside the Windmill at Karkario
Find it inside the Well


Damage enemies or blow up walls with the bomb. Be careful not to get too close to the blast or you may get gurt. Bombs explode approximately four seconds after you pick them up.

How to get it:

Special Item in Dodongo's Cavern
Bigger bags can be gotten from playing the bombchu game and stopping the rolling Goron in Goron City with a bomb.


Pick up a bombchu set it at your feet. It will start running by itself. If it hits an object, or runs for a while without gitting anything, it will explode. Once it starts running, you have no control over it.

How to get it:

You can buy bombachu from the back alley's in the market
You can also win them in bombachu alley
40 cursed spiders

Magic Beans(Child Link)

Place Magic Beans at certain locations and they eventually sprout. Z targeting comes in handy when trying to decide where to plant a Magic Bean. You can only get 10

How to get them:

Buy them from the blue gremlin in Zora's River at the beginning.

Fairy Bow(Adult Link)

Shoot Enemies or Switchs with the Fairy Bow. It works the same as the Fairy Slingshot. As your adventure progresses, you will find three magic arrows each with different effects.

How to get it:

Special Item in the Forest Temple
You can get bigger quivers for winning the archery game and winning the Gerudo horse riding archery game.

Fire Arrow

Beat the Water Temple
Stand on the little plaque thing that says to shoot at the sun
Shoot at the sun

Ice Arrow

Complete the Gerudo Training Grounds

Light Arrow

Complete all 5 Temples
Goto the Temple of Time

Hookshot(Adult Link)

There is a hook at the end of an expandable chain that can grab onto certain objects. This is helpful when trying to get to hard-to-reach places. A red dot marks the distance you can travel. The hookshot can also be used as a weapon (even underwater). When using, if you see a red dot, you target is in range. As the adventure progresses, you can extend the length of your chain.

How to get it:

Complete the race with Dampe in his grave.

Longshot(Adult Link)

An upgrade to your hookshot. You can shoot your hookshot 2x as far.

How to get it:

Special Item in the Water Temple

Megaton Hammer(Adult Link)

Move Big blocks or activate a rusted switch with the Hammer. You can also use it as a weapon.

How to get it:

Special Item in the Fire Temple

Din's Fire

Fire wraps around Link's body, protecting him from harm. This is very helpful when surrounded by a large number of enemies.

How to get it:

Goto the Dead End in Hyrule Castle and bomb the boulder. Go through the crawl space and meet yet another Great Fairy.

Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind surrounds Link's body with a green light, and the spot where you first use i will set as a warp point. If you use the magic again at a different location, you will be able to warp back to the original warp point. Select "Dispel the Wap Point" to set a new warp point location.

How to get it:

Goto Jabu-Jabu's fountain and goto the part of the fountain that has a gray stone against the wall. Put a bomb next to it, and go through the cave to meet another Great Fairy.

Nayru's Love

A blue light surrounds Link, protecting him from enemy harm. It wears off after a short time.

How to get it:

Goto the Desert Colossus and as you are entering the Desert Collossus Stage, on the right are 2 trees. Bomb in between the 2 of them and there will be a Great Fairy.


Green Potion

Completely refills magic meter.

Red Potion

Completely refills Links life.

Blue Potion

Completely refills life and magic.


Kokiri Sword

Link must find the kokiri Sword.

How to get it:

The Sword is through the little crawl space that is on top of the hill with the fenced in bushes.

Master Sword

This legendary sword resides in the Temple of Time.

How to get it:

Goto the Temple of Time when you have all three Spiritual Stones

Biggoron Sword

This Weapon is too heavy so you have to carry it with two hands.

How to get it:

Get the blue cucco as an adult from the Chicken lady in Karkario
Wake up the Carpenter's Son in the lost woods and get the mushroom
Give the witch in Karkario the mushroom and get the odd potion
Give that to the girl that is standing where the Carpenter's Son was
Give the Saw to the Carpenter in Gerudo Valley
Go to the top of Death Mountain and talk to the Big Goron
Get the Perscription from the Big Goron
If you don't have your horse at this point, get it
Go to King Zora and get the tear frog
Wash down to the beginning of the river and call for Epona
Ride to the Lake Laboratory
Get the tear drops and ride back to Death Mountain
Give Big Goron the tear drops and he give you a claim for the sword
Go back to him in three days

Deku Shield

This simple shield is made of wood and not very durable.

How to get it:

You can buy the Sheild at the shop
Find it in some Treasure Chests

Hylian Shield

Hylian soldiers use this shield. Its's very strong.

How to get it:

Find it in the Graveyard
Buy it in the Market

Mirror Shield

This Mirror Shield deflects special attacks.

How to get it:

Special Item in the Spirit Temple.

Kokiri Tunic

Link begins the game wearing this.

Goron Tunic

Intense heat is not a problem if Link wears this.

How to get it:

Stop the little goron that is rolling around in Goron city with a bomb.

Zora Tunic

Stay underwater for long periods of time.

How to get it:

Use the Blue Fire on King Zora

Kokiri Boots

This is Link's standard choice of footware.

Iron Boots

Use The Iron Boots to walk on the bottom of Lake Hylia.

How to get it:

Go to the Ice Cavern in Zora's Fountain as an adult and find it

Hover Boots

Walk over water with the Hover Boots.

How to get it:

Special Item in Shadow Temple

Goron's Bracelet

Allows you to pick bomb flowers as a kid

How to get it:

Play Saria's Song in front of Darunia

Silver Gauntlets

Allows you to pick of heavy rocks

How to get it:

Find it as a Kid in the Spirit Temple

Golden Gauntlets

You become the man of strength when you find these

How to get it:

Special Item in Ganon's Castle

Silver Scale

Allows you to stay underwater for a longer period of time

How to get it:

Win the Diving game in Zora's Domain

Golden Scale

Allows you to stay underwater for your maxium amount of time

How to get it:

Catch a Fish that is more then 14 pounds as an adult after you have caught a lunker as a kid


Win the "Find the Super Cucco" game at Lon Lon Ranch
Find all 7 chickens in Karkario
Bottom of Lake Hylia
Catch 10 Big Poes in Hylian Feild


As a kid, talk to Maron in Lon Lon Ranch until she starts to talk about her mother always singing a certain song. Wip out your Ocarina and learn Epona's Song.
Come back as an adult with about 200 rupees. Talk to Ingo and learn how to ride the horse and jump over the fence. After a while, talk to Ingo and he will challenge you to a race. Beat him twice and then jump of the fence on the side of the ranch to get out. And BAMMMM!! you got your horse.

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