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Kokiri Forest:

After taking control of Link for the very first time, talk to Saria, she's the girl with green hair who greets you. Then go to the training center. The training center is to the left of your house, the south end of the map. Go to the back of the training center and find an opening. Crawl through, dodge around the boulder, and find the chest to get your sword. Return through the hole. Walk around the village, talk to the Kokiri people, and slash bushes, throw rocks and pots, etc. to earn money. Be sure to talk to the guy trying to lift a rock or you won't be allowed to pick anything up! Find Mido's house and go inside to steal his money from the treasure chests inside there. Once you have 40 rupees, go to the shop with the red roof and buy a Deku shield. Equip the shield and sword in your subscreen and then exit the town on the East side of the map. You'll have to talk to Mido to get through.

Deku Tree:

Talk to the Deku Tree and he will open his mouth to let you in. Enter the tree. Find the ladder and climb up to the second floor. Follow the path around and you'll see some vines, spiders, and a treasure box. Open the box to get the dungeon map. Ignore the spiders and vines for now and keep going along the path until you find a door. Go through it. Use the Z trigger to target the plant in the middle of the room and then hold down R. The plant will chuck a nut at you but it will bounce off of your shield and hit him. Go talk to him and he'll give you a hint and a heart.In the next room, keep holding forward to jump onto the platform and then onto the next ledge before the platform falls. If you miss you can climb up the vines. Open the treasure chest to get the Fairy Slingshot. Aim above the entrance doorway at the ladder and shoot if to make it fall. Now climb up the vines to your right to get to another treasure box with a heart in it. Go out and back to the first room and return to the vines and spiders from before. Push Up C to look toward a spider until Navi flies to it, then push your Z trigger to focus on it and then just push the Slingshot button (whichever one you assigned it to) twice to whip out the sling shot and shoot it. This is easier than aiming manually. Climb up the vines to get to the third floor. Walk around this path and you'll see some big spiders. Don't let them scare you. Just focus on them, whip out your sword with B, and wait. When they turn around, push A to jump-attack them for a one hit kill. (NOTE: If you don't first pull out your sword with B when trying a Jump attack, you will just roll instead of attacking. Also you have to be Z targeting and not pushing any directions to perform the Jump attack.) Run around the path until you find a doorway and go through it.In this room, whip out a Deku stick and walk up to the lit torch to light the stick. Bring the lit stick to the unlit torch to light it and open the doorway on the other side of the chamber. Now step on the switch and jump across to the alcove on the left of the room. Watch out for the giant spider though. Get the treasure box and kill the gold spider there. Go back and step on the switch again and jump across to the other side to get the Compass. Return to the first room and find the platform with the heart floating in front of it. Jump off to get the heart and try to land on the web in the middle of the floor. You'll break through to floor B1.In this room, step on the switch to light the torch, grab the treasure box behind the torch, and use the torch to light one of your Deku sticks. Run with the burning stick to the other side of the room (be careful not to fall in the water and put it out, you'll have to walk across the shallow section) and light the web on the wall with your stick. Go through the door that's revealed to another room with a bush monster. Deal with it the same way as the last one. Use your slingshot to hit the eye above the next door and go through. In this room jump into the water and follow the left wall until you get to the rotating spiked log. Look for a switch under water and hold down A to dive down and push it. Then return to the entrance and jump on the moving platform to ride across. Push the block over and climb up to the door to the next room.In this room use a Deku stick to light all the torches and move to the next room. Watch out for spiders falling from the ceiling in this room and use your Deku stick to burn away the webs covering the exits. Crawl through a hole to move on. Now you're back in the first room of B1. Push the block into the water and fall down to the torch you used earlier. Light your stick, climb up the block and then use the stick to burn the web in the floor (attack with the stick). Climb or fall down the hole to the next room. There are three bush guys here. You need to knock them out in order. First the middle one, then the right one, then the left one. Then go on to the boss's room.

Deku Tree Boss: Queen Ghoma

Use your C Up button to look at her and let her see you. Now wait until she drops down and stun her by either throwing a Deku nut or shooting her in the eye with your slingshot. Then hit her with your sword while she's stunned. She'll crawl up to the ceiling. Now there's two things you can do at this point. You can either wait until she drops some things and kill them before they hatch, then wait for her to come down and repeat the above process. Or, while she's getting ready to drop the things her eye will turn red. Shoot her in the eye with the slingshot while she's up there and she'll drop down and be stunned, so hit her with the sword and repeat. This way is quicker and you don't have to deal with the dropping things if you're a good shot with the slingshot. Pick up the heart container she drops when she dies and walk into the blue light.

The Market:

After the story sequence leave Kokiri forest to the East. On your way out you'll get the Ocarina from Saria automatically. Head for the market. It is way at the other end of Hyrule, the north section of the map. You will enter through a drawbridge. (remember that if you visit at night, the drawbridge will be up so you'll have to wait until morning). Explore the market for a while and when you're ready move on to the Hyrule Castle grounds, which is accessible through the town (you'll see a path with a castle in the distance).

Hyrule Castle:

Talk to the guard, and move back and forth between the Market and the castle grounds until you see a girl standing by some vines on the side of the path. Talk to her until she give you an egg. Now climb up the vines and jump over the gate the guard was guarding. Move along the path until you see two guards up ahead of you...don't go near them! Instead, go left up onto the hill. Watch out for the guard on the hill, run behind him and head to the far left toward a cliff. You should see some climbable rocks on the cliff, climb them and then jump off the other side toward the castle. Jump into the moat and swim down it until you reach the corner where you can safely climb out. Follow the path around and you'll see the sleeping Talon. Wait until your egg hatches in the morning and use it on Talon to wake him up and get him out of your way. Once he's gone push and pull the blocks to dump them in the moat. Use them to jump across to where the water comes in and climb through the hole there. Now avoid all the guards by not letting them see you and make your way to Princess Zelda. Talk to the princess.

Lon Lon Ranch:

Head to Lon Lon Ranch in the middle of Hyrule Field after the story sequence with the princess is over. Go into the first door on your left and talk to Talon. Play his game until you win and you'll get a bottle of milk. The milk is kinda useful but the really useful thing is the bottle itself. Also, go to the horse corral and talk to Malon until she talks about a song her mother composed. Whip out your Ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's song. Now leave Lon Lon Ranch and head back to Kokiri Forest.

Lost Woods:

Once in Kokiri Forest, climb up the vines behind Mido's house and go through the hollow log to get to the Lost Woods. In the lost woods, follow the sound of the music (wherever it is loudest) to get to the sacred forest meadow. For lazy people, the directions are R,L,R,L,F,L,R. Then kill the wolf, enter the gate, navigate the maze, and go up the steps to get to the Meadow. Talk to Saria to learn Saria's Song. Now head back out of the woods and leave Kokiri Forest. Head to Kakariko Village now.

Kakariko Village:

Explore the town and get the various items available to you at this time. The most important things to get are the Hylian Shield from the graveyard, the second bottle(by rounding up chickens) , and the Song of the Sun. You don't need any of this stuff right now though, it's all optional. Once you've got what you need, talk to the guard at the North part of town and show him Zelda's letter. Don't listen to him about buying a can find one for free in the graveyard. He'll talk about wanting a mask which you can now go and get from the Happy Mask Shop in the market. Go past the guard and head up Death Mountain until you find Goron City.

Goron City:

Go to the bottom city and stand on the doormat in front of the closed door and play Zelda's Lullaby. Then go inside and talk to the Goron King. Then play Saria's Song for him. He'll do an awesome dance for you, and he'll give you the Goron's bracelet. Now leave Goron's City and head up Death Mountain trail and take the first right you see. Pick up the bomb plant there and chuck it down to the big boulder below. If you aim right you'll blow it up. Then go around and enter the revealed cave, which is Dodonogo's Cavern.

Dodonogo's Cavern:

WARNING about this level: if you have your Deku shield equipped and you get burned by a fire bat or something, the shield will burn away! So use the Hylian shield unless you need your Deku shield to fight lizardmen or bush guys. You can buy another shield from a bush guy on the left side of the Big Room.In the first room, use one of the bomb plants to blow open the doorway. Then head into what I will from now on refer to as the Big Room. Make your way to the right side and use the provided bomb plant to blow up the doorways and that laser-shooting thing. Take the doorway that leads to a passageway (the other just leads to a gossip rock) and kill the first couple of lizards. Watch out because when these lizards die they explode. On the right wall near the back of the passage is a doorway but you have no bomb plant to blow it up with...kill one of the lizards next to the doorway and let its explosion as it dies open the doorway for you. This room has some bats and a gold skulltula in it. Now move on to the end of the passageway and drag a statue onto the switch to open the door. Go through the next passage and then you'll find yourself in the lava room, facing two deadly lizardmen. These guys are tough, Z target them and use your Deku shield to block and counter with slashes or jump slashes. You can also shoot them with the slingshot but that's usually more trouble than it's worth.After you kill the two lizards go through the new door that just opened. Notice the bombable doorway down this next passage. Go on a bit further and you'll see a bomb plant you can use to blow it up. There's nothing really useful in that room though. Move on down the corridor and kill those lizard things by hitting their tails (watch out they blow up too). Use a Deku stick to light all the torches in the room and open the door. You'll now be back in the Big Room. Step on the switch in front of you to unlock a door across the way. Now head to the other side of the room and find the door that was just unlocked but don't go through it yet. First blow up the doorway next to it and get the dungeon map. Now go through the door.In this room use a bomb plant to blow open the doorway and go in that room. Throw the bomb plant just inside that room at the three statues and one will come alive and chase you. Throw a Deku nut at it to stun it and then slash it with your sword. Then run away because it will try to chase you down and then blow up. Now retrieve the compass from the treasure box and leave the room. In this room, take the bomb plant that's next to the door you just went through and place it right in between the two rows of bomb plants. If you place it right when it blows every bomb plant should go off. This will lower the stairway leading to the second floor. Go up the stairway and around to the doorway and through it. In this room three of the statues come alive and chase you, and the fourth has to be moved. You don't have to fight the three statues if you're careful not to touch them in any way. Just move the statue that's in front of the ladder out of the way and go up the ladder to hit the switch to open the door.Now you'll once again be back in the big room but this time on a bridge at the top of it. Go across the bride to the other side, jumping over the hole in the middle. Now you'll end up in the moving spikes room. Make your way to the opposite side where you'll find a gray block in front of a ladder. Use the block to get on top of the platform containing a treasure chest and a bomb plant. Use the bomb plant to blow open the door at the top of the ladder. You'll need to time it right. Wait until the bomb blinks rapidly before throwing it across to the doorway. Once you've done that go through the doorway. Now use your slingshot to shoot the gold eye on the wall past the pillar of fire and the fire will disappear. Jump across and go through the corridor to reach the upper lava room with two more lizardmen. Kill the lizard men and go through the newly opened door. Shoot the gold eye on the wall opposite you to get rid of the first flame, then jump to where it was and turn left to see another gold eye. Shoot it to get rid of the second flame. Then jump across.In the next room, which is the moving spikes room again, jump straight across the gap and then get the treasure box to your right which contains bombs. If you wish you can jump down and bomb a doorway to your left to reach a room with two bush guys that sell you crap. I wouldn't recommend it though 'cause it's a hassle to get back up. Move on down the passageway and step on the switch. This switch enables a moving pillar which gives you an alternate way to get to the second floor. Now go right and find the bridge. On the other side is a bombable wall with some rupees in it if you want to get it. In any case, drop a bomb down each of the holes in the bride to blow up the two eyes of the old dead Dodonogo. Once both eyes have been blown up it's mouth will open. Use the pillar to get down and enter it's open mouth.In this room go through the doorway on your right to enter the block puzzle room. When you come to two movable blocks, pull the ground-level block to underneath the other one. Then climb on top of it and push the other block off to the other side. Now push this block to underneath the third block. Push the third block out of the way and head down this corridor. At the end of the corridor is another moving block. Push it off the edge, then pull/push it into the hole in the middle of the room. This will open the boss room door. In the boss room, blow up the square in the center of the room, open the small chest to refill your bombs, and drop down.

Dodonogo's Cavern Boss: King Dodonogo

This boss isn't all that tough. Z target it's mouth and when it opens it to breath fire on you, throw a bomb in. When the bomb goes off and it's stunned, hit it with your sword. Then it will go into a roll attack. Use your Hylian shield and let it roll over you and you won't get hurt. Repeat until dead. Grab the heart container and step into the blue light to leave.


After the short story sequence with the Goron King head up Death Mountain trail. Use your bombs to blow up the boulders in your way and when you get the part where it start to avalanche, use your Hylian shield and the rocks won't be able to hurt you. Just wait until they are done falling and then move again until you reach Death Mountain's peak. Once there, blow up the opening to the left of the owl (do NOT go in the right cave, you'll die) and go inside. Play Zelda's lullaby in front of the fountain to talk to the great faerie and get magic. Then talk to the owl and he'll give you a lift down the mountain. Now head to Hyrule Castle. In the castle grounds there is a side path from the main path with a sign and a boulder. Blow up the boulder and crawl in the cave to get the fire spell. Now return to Hyrule Field and follow the river East past Kakariko Village to get to Zora's River

Zora's River:

Use your bombs to blow up the boulders in your way. You can make use of the chicken at the beginning of the river to float to the other side of the river. Also this is where you meet the guy that sells the magic beans About halfway up the river is some frogs. Play your songs for them and they'll give you money. If your money's full go buy some magic beans before playing another song for them. Make your way upriver until your get to the waterfall at the mouth of the river. Then stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby to make the waterfall reveal a cave. Jump over and enter the cave to enter Zora's Domain.

Zora's Domain:

The first thing to do here is get an empty bottle and find the little fish floating around in the shallows near a circle of stones. Use the bottle to catch one of the fish. You'll need it later. Now head up to the top of the mountain in the middle of the domain and you'll see King Zora. Before doing anything else, take this opportunity to use one of his torches to light a Deku stick and quickly run and light all the other torches in the domain, including two hidden behind a waterfall. This opens a few things up for you, like a heart container piece. . Go back to the King's room and talk to him, then head left from his room and find the diving game. Win at the diving game and you'll get the Silver Scale, which allows you to dive deeper. Now look for an underwater doorway at the front of the mountain. Dive down and go through it and you'll pop up at lake Hylia. Swim forward a bit and you should notice a bottle at the bottom of the lake. Dive down and fetch it. Then swim back through the tunnel to Zora's Domain. Bring the bottle to King Zora and show it to him (press C when Z Targeting him) and he'll take the note out and move out of your way. Now take the right path to get behind him and enter Zora's Fountain.

Zora's Fountain:

Ignore the big fish (Jabu-Jabu) for now and instead swim behind him to the southern part of Zora's Fountain to a small island with a tree, some bushes, and two boulders. Put a bomb next to the gray boulder to blow a hole in the wall and get the Farore's Wind spell from a great faerie. Now swim onto the platform by Jabu-Jabu's mouth and walk up to him. Use the bottle with the fish in it to offer the fish to Jabu-Jabu, thereby making him open his mouth and swallow you.

Jabu-Jabu's Belly:

Use your slingshot to shoot the white thing hanging down from the ceiling and unblock the door. Go through the door. In this room you'll first meet the electrifying jellyfish. Don't hit them with you're sword, use a Deku stick instead. You'll break the stick but you'll at least have killed them (this is the only time I know of where one of these sticks is at all useful for anything other than lighting torches and spider webs). Now follow the path around and IGNORE the elevator platform and the alcove in the wall (you'd be surprised how many people go for this and get all mixed up). Instead go through the next door and in this room, the pit room, you'll meet Ruto. She'll jump down a pit...follow her down. Talk to her twice and she'll demand you carry her. You'll have to do so. I know it's a pain and it may seem easier to just leave her there and go get her at the end, but you'll need her later in the level.Now go through the door behind you (the one closest to you) and follow this passageway. At the end is a room with a switch in the middle. Throw Ruto to the other side and then step on the switch to raise the water. Then join Ruto on the other side and follow the next passageway to a blocked door. Shoot the thing hanging from the ceiling to unblock it and go through. In this room wait for an elevator platform to lower and ride it up. Don't try jumping to the small alcove with the white switch in it, you can't get to it yet. Go through the door and you'll be back in the pit room (if you end up back in the first room you went through the wrong door). Avoid the pits and go through the door on the opposite side of the pit room. Now head straight right and hug the right wall until you find a switch and a blocked door. Make sure you're holding Ruto and step on the switch to unblock the door, then go through.Put Ruto down in the entryway of this room and venture forth to kill all the fish in the room. Touch them to make them fly up then Z-target and shoot them with your slingshot . You can also use bombs on them. When they are all dead you'll receive the extremely cool boomerang! The boomerang can get items for you and can kill most stuff at long range safely, such as those jellyfish, and with no worries about running out of ammo. Anyway, pick up Ruto and leave this room then go straight, ignoring all side paths until you come to a switch and blocked door on the opposite end of the corridor. Place Ruto on the switch so she'll hold it down for you and go inside. Kill the tentacle through the use of Z targeting and your new boomerang. You'll receive the dungeon map as reward. Now head out, retrieve the irritable Ruto, and take the first left and go through the door. Kill all the bubbles using Z targeting and your boomerang before the time runs out and your reward is the compass. Now head out of this room and head back to the room where you got the boomerang. Take the side path right before the door to the boomerang room and kill the tentacle here. Leave the room, take a right, then take another right and you'll be going down the center path. Go through the door to find a third tentacle you have to kill. Go back out the door and go straight and back through the next door to return once again to the pit room.Now you have to fall down a certain pit. It's to the right of you, but not the first one to the right of you. It's a little more forward and right up against the right wall. Fall down it and you'll find yourself in a room with a bunch of jellyfish and two gold skulltula's you can use for target practice for your boomerang. Remember that you can use your boomerang to retrieve the gold tokens for you after the skulltula is dead. Now go through the passage and door behind you to get to Bigocto's room. Throw Ruto up onto the platform and then you'll have to fight Bigocto.Hit him with your boomerang to stun him. When he gets unstunned he'll start spinning around. Hit him again and if you timed it right he'll have his back turned to you. Slash him a few times with your sword. Repeat until he's dead.Jump up onto the platform once Bigocto's dead and you'll be lifted up to a new room. Go down the only passageway and door and you'll end up in a room with weird red blocks that wobble. Smack them one with the boomerang and they'll solidify for a while, allowing you to use them as stepping stones to make your way to the door on the west side of the room. In the next room jump across the gap to the platform and it will lower you to the alcove with the switch you saw at the beginning. Go pick up one of the crates and place it on the switch. Go through the door that opens. Kill all the jellyfish here and climb up the vines to the high platform. Now you should see the white thing hanging from the ceiling, but there's something in the way that keeps you from hitting it. You can't destroy the thing in the way so don't bother. Instead, Z target the white thing and then move as far to the side of the platform as you can and you should be able to chuck the boomerang AROUND the barrier to hit the white thing and open the door to the boss. Climb down and go through the door to face Barinade.

Jabu-Jabu's Belly Boss: Berinade

This boss is tough. Use Z targeting and your boomerang and KEEP MOVING around him at all times to avoid being zapped. First, destroy the tentacles. Then, destroy some of the giant jellyfish he has protecting him to get an opening. Then attack him directly. When the boomerang hits and his body flashes blue go after him with the sword. Just keep going after him and his protecting jellyfish with your boomerang and Z targeting, moving around him at all times, and slashing at him with your sword when you stun him with the boomerang, until he's dead. Remember don't go after him every time you hit him with your boomerang...only when he's still exposed. Other times he sinks and when he does that, attack the jellyfish with your boomerang instead of trying for the sword. Once he's dead get the heart container and go into the blue light to meet Ruto.

Temple of Time:

Once you're ready, go to Hyrule Castle and witness the story scene. After it's over jump in the moat and get the Ocarina of Time and learn the Song of Time. Go into the Market and then the Temple of Time (it's in the top right corner). Inside, stand in front of the alter and play the Song of Time you just learned. A long story sequence will follow, after which you'll find yourself as Adult Link. Your first quest as Adult Link is to find the hookshot.

Forest Temple through Ice Cavern
Water Temple through Shadow Temple
Spirit Temple through End Game