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Zelda FAQ

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Zelda Walkthrough (Incomplete)
For a Complete version of the Walkthrough, try here

Dodongo Cavern


Q: How and when do i go to the Dodongo Cavern?
A: You go to the Goron King and get the Goron Baracelet. Then throw the bomb that you get from the bomb flower (It is right above the opening to the cavern) over the ledge and it will get the boulder out of the way.

Q: How do i pick up Bombs?
A: Get the Goron Baracelet.

Q: How do i open the Big Dodongo's Head?
A: Go to the 2F and throw bombs in the eyes of the Big Dodongo.

Q: I keep dieing when i go into inside the volcano at the top of Death Mountain?
A: You keep dieing because you aren't supposed to go into the volcano when you are a kid. If you go to the left of the Owl at the top of the mountain, you should see a rupee shape on the wall. Bomb it!

Jabu-Jabu's Belly


Q: How do i get into Jabu-Jabu's belly?
A: Go to the shallow water in Zora's domain and catch fish using one of your bottles. Then, use the bottle with the fish in it in front of Jabu-Jabu.

Q: What do i do with the Princess?
A: After she sits down of the floor, bring her through the door that is right next to her. In the next room that is a gap in the floor with a little water and a switch in the middle. Jump in the gap and throw the princess on the other side. Hit the switch and climb out. Hit the switch hanging from the ceiling and go through the door. Kill the octopus and go up the elevator. Jump across and you will find yourself in the room with all of the holes in it. Go straight through to the door and continue your journey.

Q: How do i get the Boomarang?
A: After bring the princess to the 1st Floor, bring her to the switch that requires more then your body weight alone. Go into the room that the switch opens up.

Q: How do i kill the Big slimy things?
A: Kill the tentacle of the same color.

Q: How do i kill the tentacles?
A: Target the tentacles with the Z-targeting and use your boomarang.

Q: How do i get into the bosses room?
A: Aim the boomarang at the same level as the switch and left of the webbing. Let her rip.

Forest Temple


Q: How do i get into the Forest Temple?
A: Use the hookshot on the tree that is over hanging the stairs in the Sacred Forest Area, where you met Saria as a kid.

Q: Where is the Bow?
A: Go through the twisted hallway and then down the flight of stairs. You should now be in a room with a hole in the center and a stalfos. Once you kill that stalfos, 2 more will appear. Kill the first one and then the second quickly after or the first one will come back to life. The Bow is your reward.

Q: How do i get into the Bosses Room?
A: Push the wall that is sticking out so it rotates. Hit all of the switches to open up the bosses cell door.

Fire Temple


Q: Where do i get the Goron Armor?
A: Stop the little Goron that is rolling around in Goron city.

Water Temple


Q: How do i adjust the water level?
A: There are three spots in the level where you can adjust the water level. The first one, that gets you started, is located at the bottom of the level. Go through the entrance with 2 torches in front. Float up and play Zelda's melody next to the triforce emblem on the wall. The water will sink.

Shadow Temple


Q: How do i get to the Bosses Room?
A: Shoot an arrow at the bomb flowers.

Spirit Temple


Q: How do i get to the Bosses Room?
A: Shine the Mirror Sheild on the Face of the Collosus

Ganon's Tower

Q: How i get to the end of the Spirt temple part?
A: Shoot a Fire Arrow at the webbing on the ceiling and use your Mirror Shield to reflect it onto one of the Suns on the walls.

Q: How do i beat Ganon?
A: If you are on the first ganon, first reflect his magic back at him with your sword like you did in the Forest temple. Then use your light arrow to bring him down to the ground. Jump to the middle part of the floor and slash the hell out of him.
If you are on the second ganon, stun him with the light arrows. Run behind him and target his tail. Hit it with the Biggoron's Sword(if you don't have it, use the hammer) and try to stay behind him. If you wind up in front of him again, just run between his legs.